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Virtual adoptions

Technology is the way of the now and of the future.  More and more people are searching web sites to find their next pet.  This is indeed a great way to view photos and read short descriptions about the various pets available for adoption but should in no way take the place of physically meeting the pet you are interested in adopting. 

Choosing a pet for life requires finding a pet that matches your lifestyle.  The brief biographies that often accompany the pet photos are typically vague and may not share some of the challenging behaviors a pet may display. 

For example, "Fido is a loving dog who wants to be with his person at all times.  He will be your constant companion and a great watchdog."  Sounds pretty inviting, right?  But that description might be a nice way of saying, "Fido has separation anxiety when left alone and barks or growls at strangers."   Searching the web is an excellent tool to find a companion animal but should be used as just that - a tool to help you find your new pet.   Please read "Choosing the Right Pet" for tips on finding the right fit for your lifestyle. 

There are numerous web-based pet adoption search engines from which to choose.  Some of the more popular sites are Petfinder, Adopt a Pet and Virtual Pet Adoptions. You will want to include a search of local shelters and rescue groups, too. Many shelters post some of their adoptables on those sites, but perhaps not all pets are available for adoption.