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Adoption Resources

We are often asked how we are considered as a Humane Society and SPCA without operating an animal shelter. Fortunately, our unique situation in Napa County allows us to work beyond shelter walls with innovative programs and services to keep animals out of shelters in the first place.  For a more in-depth look, please read "Our History, Our Culture."

With regard to pet adoption our efforts are to first, educate the public so that they have the knowledge, tools, and support to choose appropriate pets for their circumstances, and to keep the pet for its entire life.  And, second, for those animals that are housed in our municipal shelter, to aid in shortening the animals' stay in that environment, and assist in finding them new, forever homes. 

We do this, in part, by promoting sheltered animals as the first choice for those seeking a companion animal.  If you are browsing our site, it is likely that you're in the process of looking for your new pet.  Congratulations!   This is an exciting time to be sure. 

Please read "Is it the Right Time to Adopt?" and "Choosing the Right Pet" before making the commitment to bring a new companion animal into your life.  Then, check out Napa County adoption resources

We know that you have many options for acquiring a new pet - please make adoption your first option!